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Business with us hassle-free and delightful

We have state-of-the-art warehouses in all the key locations

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Premium Australian Brands

We are dedicatedly working for the last 5 years to bring in global standard Australian products in the Indian market

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Nectarshell Overseas Pvt Ltd is a premium Import & Export house that has been working with premium Australian brands to scale up their presence in the ever-expanding Indian market. We are dedicatedly working for the last 5 years to bring in global standard Australian products in the Indian market for the consumers looking for the best quality in the desired segment. We are based out of Karnal city of Haryana, with a regional office located National capital New Delhi making us well connected from the world as well as the rest of India. Our strong distribution channels extended from the length and the breadth of the country ensuring that your products reach the last connecting point.

At Nectarshell we have positioned our state-of-the-art warehouses in all the key locations to store your products safely and guarantee their availability at the right time. Unbridled transport facilities are used to take your products to warehouses so that they reach the right place under the best care. To maintain the global standards, we only deal with the brands that strictly adhere to Australian norms and policy and have been authenticated by concerned authorities in both countries. Our experienced team takes care of all the management activities to make your complete experience of doing business with us hassle-free and delightful.

What we do

Nectarshell Overseas Pvt. Ltd. is a leading Import & Export house

Import Export House

We are a leading Import & Export house with a highly proficient and experienced management team that not only helps you to establish the market in India but also to manage and grow in a flourishing economy for a very long term. We are in the industry since….and have been able to develop millions of Indian consumers’ trust over various brands, to help them find stability and profitability here

Deals in genuine Australian Products

We deal with genuine and trusted Australian brands who have already proved their potential in the Australian market and looking forward to entering and staying in the Indian market with a vision to cater to Indian customers with their quality products. We have helped many renowned Australian brands to enter smoothly in the Indian market

We oversee competitors’ activities

We keep a close watch on competitors for you to help in strategic planning. We help you understand. Who are your competitors. Competitive advantages and disadvantages. Generate understanding of competitors current and future plans in the Indian market. Provide detailed information to create a competitive advantage for the Indian market

Business scaling

If you are an Australian brand looking forward to testing the waters in the Indian market then we can be your trusted partners not only to ensure smooth sailing but also to scale up your business exponentially. We have already established understanding, expertise, and reach to ensure your brand’s safe landing here

Pan India Wholesaler & Retailer network

We have developed a large network of wholesalers and retailer networks. With us, you are assured to have a Pan-India reach of your products, which means access to millions of consumers and high sales volumes ensured

Distribution strategy

As we have an in-depth understanding of Indian markets and consumer patterns, we help you devise a correct and efficient distribution strategy based on existing and future demand and other external factors


We are aggregators with vast experience in transporting and distributing products with large distributors and retailers’ networks but our focus is on you. We work as the channel between Australian genuine brands and the Indian retail market to help the brands scale up their business here. Sitting in Australia you can rely on us completely as a trustworthy partner who works with the highest level of dedication and professional finesse to place you perfectly in the Indian market. Nectarshell Overseas pvt. Ltd. helps you in

Brand Management

Sales Growth

Inventory management

Distribution to the last point

Wholesale and Retail management






The simple answer to this is we work as single-point 360-degree solution providers to handle your market presence in India. With a strong and efficient distribution network, we have the ability to handle bulk shipments. of wholesalers and retailers all over India. We also work as clearing and forwarding agents, import agent along super distributors to help the brands establish their network in India. We also take up consultancy assignments where with the help of our market expertise and proficiency we are able ample information for the company to be well-versed with the Indian market. You can completely trust on us for

Timely and Accurate Entry

Entry Status Transparency

Shipment Damage Control

Personalized experience